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About Us

Our esteemed addiction recovery specialists are currently working hard to relieve our clients of their substance abuse disorder while treating their overall mental health. We aim to treat the whole person, not just the withdrawal symptoms. True addiction recovery can only be found when the deep problems that led to drug abuse are revealed and addressed. Our caring team of addiction professionals combines their impeccable knowledge and experience with the utmost compassion.

How we can help you with your addiction

Quality Detox

The first step in your recovery process is to overcome the physical addiction you have to drugs and alcohol. We will have trained professionals by your side for the entire detox process to ensure you successfully completely the withdrawal process.

Around the Clock Supervision

There will be a licensed professional with you at all times during the drug detoxification process. They will be there to monitor your vitals and ensure you are comfortable as can be during this phase of your recovery.

Pristine Amenities

We will provide pristine amenities to ensure your safety. Climate controlled conditions will be in place to ensure maximum comfort. You will be well taken care of and looked after in a controlled setting.

Effective Therapeutic Treatment

Once you have overcome physical dependence, our licensed therapists and counselors will work closely with you to help you overcome mental and emotional attachment to drugs and alcohol.

Sober Network

Before leaving our treatment center, we will provide you with the skills that will help you transition and adapt to life outside the center. These skills and network will help you overcome any future relapses.

Our Mission

We vow to be there for anyone that needs our help. As professionals, it is our mission to be there for our clients to ensure their success in our addiction recovery program.

Our Vision

We aim to help as many individuals as we can beat their addiction once and for all. We provide our clients with the care and tools they need for continuous sobriety

Our Values

Our clients are our number one priority. We strive to provide effective care to every individual under our care.