About - Pathways Drug Detoxification Center
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Addiction is a complicated disease, and recovery is easily as complex. There are a variety of nuances that the contents of this page simply won’t cover, but by the time you enrolled and given your first examination, you will be aware of how the process works and the steps you take will fall into the place. Our rehab is built upon three main pillars: detox, therapy, and aftercare.


All of our client records will be held to HIPPA standards and will remain confidential.


You can trust our staff to be there for you throughout treatment.


We provide a safe and friendly treatment center where you will not be judged.


Detox Services

Detox may be most unpleasant period of addiction recovery. It is the time in which your body gets rid of all the unwanted chemical toxins leftover from your addiction. Because this is such a fragile time, you will be strictly supervised throughout the entirety of the process. By doing so, we can ensure that you are as safe and comfortable as possible.

Dual Diagnosis

Therapy is the long-term aspect of any recovery. Through individual therapy with a personal addiction specialist, you will work together to come up with a customized treatment plan that meets your needs and situation. With this method, you will be screened for any underlying mental illnesses and treated for them if necessary. The rate of people with a dual diagnosis condition is just under half, so this technique will prove to be extremely effective to get people off drugs for good.


Aftercare is the treatment you take part in when you leave one of our addiction treatment centers. As a part of your comprehensive addiction recovery plan, relapse prevention will be carried out through extensive therapies, 12-step group meetings, a personal sponsor, and any appropriate sober living or additional assistance.