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Drug Rehab in Newton


Selecting the right substance abuse treatment facility for you and your needs is a crucial step toward making a lasting recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. But knowing what you should look for in a drug rehab facility can be complicated and confusing. When you’re making one of the biggest choices of your lifetime, you want to be sure you’re making the right selection.


If you’re considering entering an addiction treatment center, here are a few things you will want to consider — and if you’re looking for a facility that meets all of these needs, consider the Newton, Iowa location of Pathways Drug Detoxification Center.


What to look for in an addiction recovery facility


Not all drug rehab centers are created equal. If you’re looking to get help treating your drug or alcohol addiction, here are some of the things you should look out for.


A monitored detox


The detoxification process of an addiction recovery program may be the most important. Through detox, you will remove all traces of drugs or alcohol from your system, allowing you to begin the rest of your therapy and treatment with a fresh start and clean slate.


But detoxing outside of a drug detox clinic can be dangerous and ineffective. For many, the detox process can be uncomfortable, and in some cases even painful. To ensure the detox phase progresses as smoothly as possible, you will want to select an addiction recovery center that offers supervision.


A sense of community


Addiction recovery can often be lonely and isolating. Because you are going through something extremely challenging and personal, you may feel as if no one truly understands the struggles you are facing.


Luckily, all of the other clients at the addiction treatment facility are going through a similar situation. This means that you can have a built in community right in the addiction recovery center in which you choose to complete your treatment. However, if community and support is important to you, you need to select an addiction treatment facility that focuses on fostering friendships.


Community in a center is typically fostered by group meetings or settings. By allowing clients to talk openly and honestly about their experience with drugs, clients can see that they are not alone during their recovery. The connections one makes in a center can stay with them for a lifetime.

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Dual diagnosis treatment


An addiction to drugs and alcohol usually involves more than just a physical addiction. There may also be a mental health component as well which will need to be treated appropriately. In fact, this is the case for roughly fifty percent of the clients who enter our program. By treating the co-occurring mental health condition in addition to the addiction, clients can have a better shot at a long lasting recovery.


When selecting the right facility for you, you want to look at centers that focus on therapy and mental health treatment. This allows clients to understand where the root of their addiction lies and create new behaviors that can lead to a drug free future.


Why Pathways Drug Detoxification Center in Newton, Iowa is right for you


A monitored detox, sense of community, and dual diagnosis treatment aren’t the only things necessary for an addiction treatment center, but they do have the power to control whether or not your care makes a lasting impression. If you’re looking for a rehab facility that includes all these components and more, Pathways Drug Detoxification Center can be just the place you need.


At Pathways Drug Detoxification Center, we focus on providing our clients with unique care and attention that can put them on the right foot for recovering from their addiction. Through understanding each client’s unique needs, weaknesses, and strengths, we help our clients find their own path to recovery.


While each journey from addiction to recovery is not the same, our professionals understand what contributes to lasting changes that will stick with clients for the rest of their lives. Through a simple three-step process of rehabilitation, including a detox phase, a therapy phase, and an aftercare phase, we help our clients change their habits and their lifestyle during their stay with us.


If you’re ready to change your life, contact Pathways Drug Detoxification Center in Newton, Iowa to get the help you need to reach recovery.